An investment in quality equipment is an investment in sustainability and reliability.

Intelligent engineering with top quality materials.

Good ergonomics also lead to sustainable productivity.

We have comprehensive range of products to suit customers need across various industries, and have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the best equipments for the job.

At the end of the day, you get the job done with good results.

Trotec group ranks among the global leaders in terms of mobile and stationary machines for climate conditioning. Trotec supplies the industry, tradesman and craft enterprises with professional product solutions for climate conditioning.


The Trotec TAC V+ mobile high frequency air cleaner creates a clean zone area with clean virus filtered air. In these zones, the ambient air remains largely free of airborne germs and viruses.

The TAC V+ allows the entry of large volumes of contained air with effective H14 HEPA filtration. The special filter used in the TAC V+ not only reliably retains 99.995% of all aerosol particles larger than 0.1um, the filter is also heated cyclically, which inactivates all viruses separated in the filter and thus, 100% decontaminates the filter again.


The Trotec professional air cleaners of the TAC series are ideal solutions for air extraction and cleaning of contaminated workspaces. These modest, portable professional devices with robust metal housing are especially designed for the rough everyday work on ever-changing construction sites and can be adjusted need-based for any application owing to the infinitely adjustable air volume.


Trotec high-performance dehumidifiers constantly benefit from a perfect solution with regard to drying applications. The TTR units ensure efficient and permanent dehumidification with a high capacity, even at low dew points.

All TTR units operate according to the TTR Trisorp Dual principle with dual air circulation for pressure-neutral recirculation operation. Each of these air circuits has a separate fan that can be adjusted independently via an infinitely variable electronic regulation.

Gloria provides a comprehensive assortment of sprayers under highest demand with regards to quality, functionality, versatility and equipment. Whether it be a plastic or stainless steel model, only the best materials are used.

GLORIA also makes no compromises when it comes the assembly: the 'Made in Germany' is synonymous with the highest quality standard at GLORIA. Gloria sprayers are tested and recognized by GUA (Association for Environmental Analysis), DIN ISO 9001 quality standard, CE certified, TUV/G-seal.


GLORIA Multijet is a li-ion rechargeable battery operated mobile spray system for cleaning purposes as well as for plant protection care. An integrated fixture for different interchangeable attachments turn Multijet into an allrounder.

The powerful cleaning device can be changed without effort into a foam sprayer or a spraying device that evenly applies plant protection agent. MultiJet is a flexible cleaning device available in a standard set equipped with a multifunctional nozzle and an extension lance. The operating pressure can be adjusted in three steps between 2 and 25 bar to be able to clean smoothly as well as powerfully.


The GLORIA Multibrush is the comfortable helper for cleaning and treating different stone and wood surfaces, which can also be used as an effective joint brush.

The GLORIA product line Brush System provides you with four surface and joint brushes with numerous optional extras in the fight against weeds and dirt: the joint brush Weed Brush, the cleaning expert Power Brush for treating stone and wood surfaces, and the two multifunctional devices, MultiBrush speedcontrol and MultiBrush li-on with electrical or battery operation.

Everything with just one device.


Gloria-Garten- The GLORIA Profiline robust steel high performance sprayers will win you over with the way they‘re equipped and the multiple ways in which they can be utilised. The devices are largely equipped with Viton-Seals which have a high thermal and chemical resistance. Thus, the machines can endure oily and aggressive spray substances as well as high temperature influences. With a volume of 5 or 10 litres respectively, they offer the highest level of quality and comfort every time they‘re used. The maximum working pressure of 6 bars ensures a high performance helper.

All devices are TÜV and GS approved – evidence of the safety during use and a durable usability.


The successful cleaning or disinfection of rooms, windows and facades is always the result of the applied cleaning agents as well as the utilized tools and equipment.

GLORIA Pressure sprayers are suitable for applying acidic and alkaline spraying agents. The acid-resistant (to agents approved by us) materials and components mean that GLORIA sprayers are ready for a wide range of uses: to clean sanitary facilities, washing lines, indoor and outdoor pools, to remove concrete residue on tiles and brick, or to control pests or epidemics.

CleanMaster and FoamMaster range are tested by the state recognised GUA – Gesellschaft für Umweltanalytik (Association for Environmental Analysis) – control and certification office regarding their use in food-processing operations.